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Giving does not only precede receiving; it is the reason for it. It is in giving that we receive."

   -Israelmore Ayivor

The goal of the NYS AHPERD Foundation is to leave a strong and secure legacy for generations of educators to come. Your gift to the Foundation enables us to provide professional development opportunities, scholarships, grants & advocacy initiatives for our members.

2023- Grant Opportunities 

The NYS AHPERD Foundation is offering eleven~ $1,000 grants to members.  The purpose of the grants are to support:

·         Program development in the areas of health, physical education, recreation, or dance

·         Equipment purchase, and/or

·         Professional training for curriculum, instruction, and/or assessment which impacts student development

The last day to apply September 30, 2023!

Are you looking for the 2023 NYS AHPERD Grant Application? Look no further.

There are many ways you can make a contribution.

Review the fund types below to see a brief description.
After you make a choice, click the campaign button below to direct your gift further.

Honor Certificate

      Express your appreciation for the inspiration that special person has been in your life by presenting them with an Honor Certificate. This is a printed certificate.

Tribute Donation

      Tribute Giving is a way to recognize, honor, and celebrate people and events that are important to you by giving back to others. 


      A gift you give to a cause you believe in. 

In Memory Donation

      Choose NYS AHPERD to be a recipient of your memorial gifts. This is a thoughtful way to remember your loved one while supporting our mission, which was near and dear to their heart. 

History of Giving

We sincerely thank and acknowledge those who have given so generously to the NYS AHPERD Foundation 2014-Present.

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Ways to Give

The value of a gift to the NYS AHPERD Foundation is immeasurable. When making the important decision of how and when to make your gift, there are many choices available to you for structuring a donation in a manner that will allow for the maximum impact both for your benefit and for the Foundation.

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Past President Legacy Grant

The Past Presidents of NYS AHPERD support the growth of the organization and the Foundation which funds our grants and scholarships for our members.

Please review our Past President Grant contributors.

Founding Benefactors

A review of our Founding Benefactors- those individuals who committed a financial pledge in establishing the NYS AHPERD Foundation.

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Foundation Endeavors

The Foundation sponsors the annual Ken Demas Future Professionals Leadership Academy, awarded five equipment grants for $500 in 2020, and Foundation Scholarships support undergraduate students' attendance at the NYS AHPERD annual conference.

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Contribution Levels

Friend of the Foundation   $1  –$ 999
Bronze Contributor  $1,000–$ 2,499
Silver Contributor  $2,500–$ 5,999
Gold Contributor  $6,000–$ 9, 999
Diamond Contributor  $10,000–$ 20, 000


If you would like to become a Foundation Benefactor, please call the Executive Director at 315-823-1015.

Congratulations to the following individuals who have been awarded $1,000 grants in 2022 from the NYS AHPERD Foundation;


Bob Duggan- PS-018 Dr. Antonia Pantoja Community School of Excellence, Buffalo

Brandi Pettit- Pioneer Middle School, Yorkshire

Colleen McHeard- Lynch Literacy Academy, Amsterdam

Donn Tobin Lakeview- Elementary School, Mahopac

Frank Healey- Walter B. Howard Elementary School, New Lebanon

Heather Ratka- Herbert Hoover Elementary School, Buffalo

Jonathan Philby- Springbrook NY School, Oneonta

Kevin Mercier- Adelphi University, Garden City

Kimbra Wilsoncroft- Winfield Elementary School, Corning

Suzanne Leslie- Carrie E. Tompkins Elementary, Croton-on-Hudson

Tamela Ray- Marcellus School District, Marcellus


The individuals were honored at the General Session on Friday, November 18, 2022- at the NYS AHPERD 84th Annual conference at the Turning Stone Convention Center.

honor certificate 2016

Honor Certificates

Express your appreciation for the inspiration that special person has been in your life by presenting them with an Honor Certificate...

Ken Demas Future Professionals Leadership Academy


We support the annual KDFPLA. A one-of-a-kind conference, offering three days of interactive workshops/activities with outstanding professionals designed to help future professionals in HPERD become effective leaders.

2022 Leadership Academy

Camp Echo Lake: September 23-25, 2022

2023 Foundation Grants Available


Ten $1,000 grants, as well as, the NYS AHPERD Past Presidents Foundation grant of $1,000 added this year.

Eleven grants were awarded in 2022!

Undergraduate Student Foundation Scholarships


We award 5 $250 scholarships to Undergraduate Students at the Jay B. Nash Awards Dinner during the Annual Conference to help offset the cost of attending the conference the following year.

Name A Foundation Grant

Individuals and/or groups have the opportunity to establish and NAME an annual Foundation Grant for either $1,000 or $500.

Option #1 is an annual $1,000 grant. The individual/group will pay $15,000 over 5-years to the NYS AHPERD Foundation.

Option #2 is an annual $500 grant. The individual/group will pay $7,500 over 5 years to the NYS AHPERD Foundation.  

Donate Today

A significant portion of the Foundation giving goes to support our future professionals, those who will carry our torch into the future. Remember these words by Albert Camus, philosopher, and author, " Real Generosity towards the future lies in giving to the present."

Foundation Trustees

Morley, S 2021
Sandy Morley

Foundation President

NYS AHPERD Past President


Amundson, R
Rick Amundson

Foundation Treasurer

NYS AHPERD Past President


Howard, T 2021
Tom Howard

Foundation Secretary

NYS AHPERD Past President


F 2023 Daggett
Sara Daggett

 NYS AHPERD Past President


F 2023 Manson
Dr. Mara Manson

NYS AHPERD Past President


Oaks, B 2021
C. Brian Oaks

NYS AHPERD Past President


Quitoni, J 2021
Jason Quitoni

NYS AHPERD Past President


Corsi, C
Colleen Corsi

NYS AHPERD Executive Director

Non-Voting Member

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G&G Fitness

They will fit you with the right equipment, teach you how to use it, and be with you every step of the way.

Thank you G&G!

We are grateful to G&G Fitness for supporting the NYS AHPERD Foundation by becoming the sole Commercial Founding Benefactor.

G&G Fitness Equipment is a full-service provider of specialty home and commercial fitness equipment. Since 1990, the G&G Fitness Companies have evolved into one of the premier sources of fitness solutions in the United States