The Teacher of the Year Award

honors individuals for excellence in teaching and overall performance in the disciplines of physical education at the elementary, middle, and high school levels, adapted physical education, health education at the middle school and high school levels, and dance education.

2020 TOY Collage

Awards Criteria

The nominee must have a minimum of ten (10) years of teaching experience, job responsibilities in the past three (3) years must include teaching in the discipline for which they have been nominated, they must be a current member and have been a professional member of NYS AHPERD for a minimum of five (5) years, with at least three (3) years of that membership being within the last five years and...

Award Recipients

The 2020 Teacher of the Year Award Recipients are:

Adapted PE: Alexis Abdo-Davis

Elementary PE: Michelle Henn

Middle School PE: Terry Gendron

High School PE: Charlie Rizzuto

Middle School Health Education: Jessica Butts

High School Health Education: Kristin Bergin

Award Recipient History

The Teacher of the Year Award was established in 1995. Previous award recipients are listed below.

2020 Award Recipients
Abdo-Davis, Alexis

Adapted Physical Education

Teacher of the Year


Alexis Abdo-Davis

Henn, Michelle 2020

Elementary Physical Education

Teacher of the Year


Michelle Henn

Gendron, Terry 2020

Middle School Physical Education Teacher of the Year


Terry Gendron

Rizzuto, Charlie 2021

High School Physical Education

Teacher of the Year


Charlie Rizzuto

Butts, Jessica 2020

Middle School Health Education

Teacher of the Year


Jessica Butts

Bergin, Kristin 2020 3

High School Health Education

Teacher of the Year


Kristin Bergin

Previous Award Recipients


Adapted PE: Eric Kohl

Elementary PE: Elizabeth Bolger

Middle School PE: Penny Leonard

Secondary PE: Margo Barrows

Secondary Health: Ashleigh Barnhart-Burto



Adapted PE: Patrick Colgan

Dance: Cynthia Parise

Elementary PE: Megaera Regan

Middle School PE: Edward Hoffman

Secondary PE: Allison Relyea

Secondary Health: Lori Hewlett



Elementary PE: Donn Tobin

Middle School PE: Juliann Zelazny-Wehner

Secondary PE: Shelly Connors

Secondary Health: Jessica Wright



Dance: Michelle Denino Gordon

Elementary PE: Lori Bifarella & Tara Nelsen

Health: Marybeth Mueller

Middle School PE: Christina Buschmann

Secondary PE: Megan Mansfield



Adapted PE: Mike Gibbons

Dance: Leslie Pieters

Elementary PE: Lynn Hefele

Health: Frances M. Vincent

Middle School PE: Douglas Hallberg

Secondary PE: Helen Flynn



Adapted PE: Tracy Sharlow

Dance: Colleen Buchanan

Elementary PE: Danielle Grant

Health: Nicole Holehan

Secondary PE: Laura Owen



Adapted PE: Kelly Schulz

Elementary PE: Ken Wojehowski

Health: Lindsay Armbruster

Secondary PE: Jason Lehmbeck



Adapted PE -Justin Haegele

Elementary PE - Colleen Mickle

Health Education - Jennifer Aull

Secondary PE - Srecko Mavrek



Adapted PE - Suzanne Scheer-Legge

Dance Education- Allison Relyea

Elementary PE - Margaret Robelee

Health Education - Lonnie Wilson

Middle School PE - Haley Schedlin

Secondary PE - Linda Polizzi



Adapted PE - Matt Dadey

Dance Education- Marisol Mahler

Elementary PE - Tom Winiecki

Secondary PE - Tracy Iacovelli



Elementary PE - Laura Petersen-Shaw

Health Education- Jean Card

Middle School PE- Karen Longworth

Secondary PE - Kevin Mercier



Adapted PE - Cynthia Kohl

Dance Education- Bess Koval

Elementary PE - Mary Ann Ceriello

Health Education- Sandi Ellen Vanderpool

Middle School PE- Karen Gordon

Secondary PE - Lynne Scharf



Adapted PE - Helen Robinson

Elementary PE - Jennifer Higgins

Health Education- Lori Reichel

Secondary PE - Katie Zinkiewich



Dance Education - Dorothy McCarthy

Elementary PE - Judith Mehlenbacher

Health Education - Bob Winchester

Secondary PE - Michele Marcus



Adapted PE - Diane Penella

Elementary PE - Kathleen M. Hoerup

Health Education - Ron Burke

Secondary PE - Catherine Dodd



Adapted PE - Renee McCall

Elementary PE - Joanne Hamilton

Health Education- Sandy Pawlak

Middle School PE- Tami Ann DeRose

Secondary PE - Jody Cole



Adapted PE - Wayde Herneisey

Dance Education - Robert Oates

Elementary PE - Polly Sadler

Health Education - Heather Collier

Middle School PE - Steve Fisher

Secondary PE - Brian Kenealy



Adapted PE - Steve Jacobs

Dance Education - Skip Earle

Elementary PE - Joan George

Health Education - Susan Stiglitz

Middle School PE - Bob Brown

Secondary PE - Kathy Hendrickson



Adapted PE - Joan Potter

Elementary PE - Meryl Fordin

Health Education - Dominick Splendorio

Middle School PE - Rosemary Daley

Secondary PE - Linda Joyce



Elementary PE - Paula Hamada Summit

Health Education - Jill Artus



Dance Education - Cathy Rosenblatt

Elementary PE - Frank Bartok

Secondary PE - Cathy Haight

Ann Martin

Leslie Wilkinson



Steven Esposito

Peggy Tuttle

Barbara Stam

Marty Pavone

Sue Raymond



Adapted PE - Rob Beasley

Elementary PE - William "Skip" Earle

Secondary PE - Marilynn Duchin



Michelle Bonura

Michele Dougherty

Mary Ann Harrigan



Marilyn Oldis

Linda Nasdahl

Robert S. Thompson

Suzanne Elson