The Bernard E. Hughes Award

Through the Bernard E. Hughes Award, the Association recognizes persons and organizations outside the professions of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance who have made outstanding contributions to New York State AHPERD or the professions of Health, Physical Education, Recreation or Dance.

Gunther, Pam 2023

Awards Criteria

Nominees must demonstrate service, leadership and dedication to the Association and/or one or more of our allied disciplines and...

Award Recipient

The 2020 Bernard E. Hughes Award Recipient is Tim Flynn, Special Olympics LI Team.   

There was no recipient in 2022.

Award Recipient History

The Bernard E. Hughes Award was established in 1970. Previous award recipients are listed below.

Award Recipients
Gunther, Pam 2023

2023 Recipient | Pamela Gunther, Fit & Fun Playscapes

Flynn, Tim 2020 Bernard E Hughes Award

2020 Recipient | Tim Flynn, Special Olympics LI Team

Selover, David

2019 Recipient | David Selover

Previous Award Recipients

2018 Cliff Sperber

2017 Melissa Bailey

2016 New York City Council

2015 Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan

2014 Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

2012 Black River Outdoor Education Program formerly known as Potato Hill Farm

2011 Patricia Kocialski

2004 Rebecca Gardner

2002 Congressman Joseph Crowley, 7th District

Congressman John Sweeney, 22nd District

Charles H. Bohlen Jr
Amy Beckstead
Darcy Peterson
Chris Holloway
Joan Urbano
Jack J. Boak

2000 Roger Reynolds - Human Kinetics

1999 Healthfirst Corp.
Polar Electro Inc.

1997 Anita Manpel - American Heart Association of Syracuse

1996 Adam Paley - Market Hill Advertising

1995 Colleen Canorro - State Education Department

1994 John M. Fabozzi - State Education Department

1993 Don Pranzo - Academic Sportfolio

1991 Project Adventure
NY State Special Olympics

1990 Albert Lawrence - Lawrence Group
Michael Wilson - American Heart Association
Philip DeMaria - American Heart Association

1989 Nancy Mariano
Susan Gordon Ryan
Sonja Kuntzler

1988 Father Frank Pizzarelli

1987 Karen Koch
Ken Chichester
Chris Chichester

1986 Dr. Willard A. Genrich, Champion Products, Inc.

1983 Stephen Cook

1981 R.T. French Company

1980 Alton D. Doyle

1979 Father Peter Young

1978 Parker Yutzler

1977 Richard McLean
Mrs. Eunice Shriver, Special Olympics

1974 George E. Anderson

1970 John K. Archer, Arthur B. Eddy, Senator Edward J. Speno