NYS AHPERD Get Moving NY Presents:

Spring to Health

Spring to health 8-5

The 2022 Get Moving NY Spring to Health initiative is here....

The 2022 Spring to Health initiative has been redesigned to offer our members more flexibility with implementation and a streamlined submission process.

To address the technical issues that some of our members experienced last year we have made several changes.  First, we have provided two files for you to choose from, both include written instructions for completing each task, however, one also includes some outside links providing supplemental information specific to a task.

Teachers are responsible to submit a list of their participating students along with a brief summary of how the program was implemented. Click here to submit a google form or email Lisa Corbett at to request an excel spreadsheet.

All submissions are due by May 11, 2022, to receive certificates for your students and to be included in the raffle.

The 2021 Get Moving NY Spring to Health initiative provided our members with an opportunity to encourage their students to participate in a variety of healthy activities outside the classroom. During April and May, participating students were asked to complete one activity from each of four choice boards (Health, Phys Ed., Recreation and Dance) and submit a brief participation survey.
Participating students received a Certificate of Participation and participating teachers were entered in a random drawing to win one of two $250 gift certificates for classroom equipment/material per Zone.

For four years NYS AHPERD Zones Special Projects held an annual Get NY Moving week allowing our members the opportunity to teach a fantastic and unique lesson and be entered to win a $200 Flaghouse gift certificate for their school! Up to 3 gift certificates were awarded per Zone!

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For five years NYS AHPERD Zones Special Projects held a Video Contest.  Participating members submitted a video that was no longer than 5 minutes long and they were judged against other submissions in their Zone.  Winners received a Zone prize and the top videos were entered into a statewide drawing for up to $2000 in Flaghouse equipment.

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What's Next...

The Get Moving NY committee is working on a Lesson Plan contest that will be rolled out in the fall.  Check back for details....