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See how we are celebrating our 100th anniversary all year long!

March - 100 Reasons Why NYS AHPERD
is important to our members!

NYS AHPERD is a member service organization that provides outstanding professional development, leadership, collaboration, networking, and advocacy opportunities. NYS AHPERD changed the course of my professional career by helping me to learn and grow as a teacher, a leader and an advocate for high quality programs in our state and beyond. During my career I have met so many incredible professionals who work tirelessly for the health and well being of their students and just being in the presence of these individuals has helped me to stay energized and passionate about our profession. None of this would have been possible without NYS AHPERD. I am proud to be a member!

 - Margaret Robelee, NYS AHPERD President

My answer in ONE word: People!!! As I complete my 60th year as a NYSAHPERD member, I reflect on the people who have embraced me and whom I have embraced as mentors, colleagues, role models and friends. Every good event in my professional career has come as a direct result of my participation in NYSAHERD activities and every person whom I have met and worked with has had a powerful, permanent and positive impact on my life. I am eternally grateful for those who encouraged me to join and be active at our zone and state level.

 - ROD MERGARDT, Professional Member-at-large

"NYS AHPERD, celebrating its 100th anniversary, holds importance for me because:

Enhanced Well-being: It champions health, physical education, recreation, and dance programs, contributing to mine and my students overall wellness.

Professional Growth: Through membership, you access development opportunities, fostering your skills and knowledge in related fields.

A Connective PE Community: It builds a supportive community of professionals and enthusiasts, offering collaboration and inspiration.

Educational Impact: NYS AHPERD influences policies and practices in education, ensuring relevant and effective programs for myself and my students.

Legacy of Excellence: Celebrating a century of dedication highlights its enduring significance and relevance to myself, my students and overall community."

 - Joseph Knapp, Dance Section President & SEZ Technology Rep

NYS AHPERD holds great significance for me as it is an organization that allows me to connect with exceptional educators who generously share their expertise and resources, contributing to the advancement of health, physical education, recreation, and dance within NY State. Through NYS AHPERD, I have been fortunate to access valuable opportunities for professional growth, guidance, and networking, which ultimately paved the way for securing my first job after college.

 - Chloe Peer, Future Professional Section President 

"NYS AHPERD is important to me because NYS AHPERD is instrumental to my professional growth and effectiveness in teaching. This organization provides a robust platform for sharing innovative teaching methods, staying updated with the latest research and trends in physical education, and networking with fellow educators. It offers invaluable resources, including professional development opportunities, workshops, and conferences, which empower me to enhance my skills and knowledge. Through NYS AHPERD, I gain access to a community of professionals committed to promoting healthy lifestyles and education, which reinforces my passion and commitment to making a positive impact on my students’ physical and emotional well-being.

Also, NYS AHPERD helped me find my own “why” again. Why I love teaching. I love teaching due to the impact you can have on the students, regardless of their age. It’s all about having a positive impact and being a role model for the kids. I hope that one day, any student or athlete I’ve had the privilege to either teach or coach feels that I had some sort of positive impact on their lives - whether it be just an awesome, fun experience, or a lasting impact that they’ll keep with them forever. That’s why I love teaching, and NYS AHPERD will allow me ways to grow and better myself for students year after year, to make PE their most enjoyable subject!"

 - Vincent Sangiuolo, Professional Member-at-large 

NYS AHPERD is important to me because it is a safe space where we all share the same common goal, to promote a safe, happy and healthy lifestyle to our learners. We have a passion for professional excellence and strive to be the best in our profession. We are always learning and searching for new fun ways to create positive & successful experiences for our learners. NYS AHPERD provides us with these exciting and unique opportunities to grow and learn professionally, through Zone & State Conferences. Oh yeah, we also have Finley!!

 - Christine Gayson, Professional Member-at-large

NYS AHPERD is important to me because it gives us the opportunity to go to the NYS Conference at Turning Stone each year. They fill it with the most amazing presenters from all over. Where else can you learn from morning to night under one building for days and never be so energized because you are learning from Teacher's of The Year and others who are at the cutting edge of new games, creating them and sharing them and new technology for our gymnasiums. Where you can meet you people, socialize and share so much with one another. So much brain power all in one place and all willing to share. I love NYS AHPERD for all of that and so much more.

 - Rita Beardsley, Professional Member-at-large, Aquatics Chair for SEZ 

NYS AHPERD means so many things to me, and I want to try and narrow things down a bit. I found myself in the mix as a college student back in 2007.  So, for me it's about opening the future professional's eyes to the possibilities that the career will one day take you. My introduction to the organization was only possible because of my professors at Queens College. As I made my way through the program it led to attending and presenting. With my participation it was obvious that ideas, methods and the many strategies of teaching physical education would have a profound effect on my path. Between this and my professors advocating for the craft, I was very fortunate. All of these years later, and that is how I remember it all. So APHERD means to me opportunity. Opportunity to communicate. Opportunity to share. Opportunity to spread your knowledge. AHPERD provides an environment to thrive if you take it all in and believe. To be able to sit in a room and attend a presentation from a professional that has quite possibly carved out and mastered a corner of pedagogy is very enlightening.

 - Christopher Kolb, Professional Member-at-large

It is hard to fully describe what this organization means to me. I have been so fortunate to have the ability to push myself and grow as a person and as a professional, and that is directly related to the support and guidance from everyone involved in.

NYS AHPERD. I remember attending my first zone meeting, not knowing anyone, and being welcomed right in, I remember attending my first executive council meeting, not knowing anyone or anything and being welcomed and included in everything. This organization gives so much to its members, it provides numerous opportunities to everyone. I am so thankful to be a part of NYS AHPERD, I really don't know where I would be as a professional without this organization.

 - Eric Kohl, Professional Member-at-large

Well, I remember sitting in my college classes and hearing about this organization when I was attending Community College early in my educational career. I had the opportunity to present some research that we had done on ALC injury prevention in HS women's athletics. After presenting, networking and understanding more about what the organization was about, I was HOOKED! I have been an active member ever since and have goals to one day wear that Jacket, work with State Ed and help continue to advocate for our amazing profession. All of you mean the world to me.

 - Gina Potenza, Executive Council Secretary

After graduating from Springfield College in 1963 and accepting a teaching position on Long Island, I became involved in Suffolk Zone, eventually being elected President and Suffolk Zone's representative on the NYS AHPERD Ex. Council. That was my very first involvement with terrific and dedicated professionals. I made lasting friendships, attended conferences, brought home new ideas to share with my physical education students and was appointed as NY's representative to EDA's Council for Conventions. Thanks to the support from NYS AHPERD, my professional journey continued when I was elected EDA President. Between both organizations, what an outstanding ride as I embraced so many leadership opportunities for over 25 years!

 - Judy Ingram, Professional Member-at-large

NYS AHPERD means the world to me. It is as everyone says, it is a second family. The lifelong friendships of kindred spirits are unmatched in any other organization.
I was brought into the group at CWZ by Sandy Jago and Linda Joyce in late early 2000's. Started as a conference planner, Secondary Section Pres, CWZ Pres, Board of Director for 9 years, Association President, and now COA president. I have seen it all. It has been a joy to see this organization to evolve and I have cherished the opportunity to be a small part of it. The relationship camaraderie, connections and "little pick-ups" have really informed my teaching and my administration career. I have always been so impressed by the leadership and I have admired so many within the membership. Whether it is the incredible leadership of the past presidents, board of directors, office staff or the avid conference goer or familiar face that comes every November to learn, to make our profession better. This organization is the single best professional development experience of my career and the single most influential group of people that I am privileged to call friends.

WHY: Refills your tank, Inspiration, Friendship, Connection to our passion, Professional Development, Collaboration, Energy, Fun, Motivation, Opportunity

 - Jason Lehmbeck, Council of Administrators Section President

NYS AHPERD is one of the best professional associations that I am proud to be a member of. To me NYS AHPERD is about connecting, connecting to other professionals, and connecting to one of the greatest professions there is. It is about striving to be the best you can be and sharing your experiences to benefit others. For me NYS AHPERD is a family of professionals that believe in quality programming and are dedicated to the children of New York State. The connections I have made with the amazing professionals in this organization will last well into my retirement years. NYS AHPERD is an association that all health and physical education professionals should be a member of.

 - Jim Rose, Past President

I started my association with NYSAHPERD back in 1976 when I was asked to present our "Super Highway" program at the state conference (I believe it was at the Concord) and I never looked back. I was "hooked", asked to be among the movers and shakers of our profession was very exciting. Certainly, a lot of pressure, certainly a lot of pride. From that time on I was, or became, even more connected and more of a professional physical educator. Over the years I had the privilege of presenting at many local (Suffolk, Nassau, and Southeastern Zone) numerous state and three National conferences. By presenting and attending these conferences it made me more connected to our profession and my fellow professionals. In all these years as a member (1976 to present) I have been able to connect with some of the most outstanding, innovative, creative, and interesting professionals. Almost all of which I have learned from, copied from, and been influenced by. Being a member of NYSAHPER has provided me with an abundance of friends, colleagues, and associates I never would have known. These people guided me, taught me, and encouraged me to be a better teacher. NYSAHPER became a huge part of my career and life. Volunteering my time is so rewarding. It gives me a sense of belonging to something bigger than myself. Each role, each position gave me more and more insight into the association. It taught me how much we collectively cared for each other, the programs we deliver and the profession as a whole. By being a part of NYSAHPER it kept me current, connected and concerned. Concerned that physical education would remain an important, relevant, and necessary component for all the youth in our schools. Have a connection with our state officials helping to disseminate information program standards and practices to our members. We need to constantly be creating new and exciting curricula, we need to stay current with trends, ideas and up to date health practices. That's what we do!

 - Jason Quitoni, Past President

I finally have re-joined NYS APHERD and it means a great deal to me to reconnect with the PE community. Sometimes it feels I am not heard at work by all of my coworkers. There are so many great resources that can be used from your website as well! You cannot have enough games and activities as we all know. I am happy to be back in the loop and can't wait to finally get to a professional development with you guys.

 - Katherine Kellner, Professional Member-at-large

NYSAHPERD was always a getaway for me to be with like-minded people, to share contribute and grow myself and the profession as well. It was always a nice recharger while attending conferences and a great networking opportunity to explore new horizons within our field. To continue helping me and support me would be to continue providing me with the opportunities to share and give back to the organization as well as learning opportunities amongst like-minded individuals within the tech in PE field.

 - Kevin Lau, Professional Member-at-large

NYS AHPERD supports me every day in my career. The organization is constantly fighting for PE in our state and provides endless PD and resources to its members. When I was job hunting, NYS AHPERD's career center page on their website provided me a platform to share my resume with the state and helped me land my current teaching job. Without NYS AHPERD, Physical Education would not be viewed/valued the same way that it is in our state.

 - Kevin Yarnell, Professional Member-at-large

I am proud to be a member of NYS AHPERD and always get compliments from non-PE teachers on how strong of an organization we have for providing the best professional development you can as well as support throughout the school years with anything we may need! I think it is so incredible the amount of money AHPERD grants to teachers to help improve the Physical Education and Health curriculums.

 - Maris Logan, Professional Member-at-large

As a future professional, NYS AHPERD is my future. Being a part of this association allows me to grow as an individual and build relationships with current and past educators, enhancing my learning ability. NYS AHPERD has helped me create relationships with educators I can proudly call my mentors. I enjoyed the mentor program that was placed to bridge the gap between professionals and future professionals as that helped me create relationships as well.

 - Ryan Kolman, Professional Member-at-large

NYS AHPERD is near and dear to my heart. I have been a member since I was a college student at Canisius College in the mid 2000s. The connections I have made through NYS AHPERD have helped shape me into the educator and lifelong learner I am today. Specifically, our small but mighty Northern Zone is incredible to be a part of. Although we are small in numbers, we have the same common goal to deliver quality professional development, grow our profession, deliver the best instruction for our students, and recognize our students for their superb leadership. We truly work as one cohesive unit to accomplish our goals. NYS AHPERD has supported me so much already. Continuing fabulous professional development and opportunities to grow as an educator would be on the top of my list. I would also like to commend the organization on their efforts to make DEI a priority over the past few years- BRAVO!

 - Shelby Hosmer, Professional Member-at-large

NYS AHPERD has brought me many things, the most important being a sense of belonging and being surrounded by others who share the same vision and passion for our profession. That can get lost in your everyday role, being a PE teacher surrounded by dozens of classroom teachers. The more opportunities, professional development, and ideas that our organization can provide, I will be there! Providing a sense of lifelong learning is something we should always focus on, as no matter how many years I continue in AHPERD I always feel like I can continue growing and learning.

 - Sean Scordo, Professional Member-at-large

  1. Historically NYS AHPERD has advocated for our profession and been crucial when our profession is in need of respect and support with NYS Education
  2. The Conference.
    1. Professional networking
    2. Professional growth
  3. Lifelong friendships with like-minded people
  4. Zone membership and leadership keeps our local members on top of their game
  5. Our districts respect NYS AHPERD and support their teachers attending the conference because they can see the result of the trainings in their PE and Health programs.
  6. Professional language- NYS AHPERD leadership provides its members with appropriate language, such as SEL, so we as HPE teachers can become a better team with our classroom teachers and teach to the "Whole Child".
  7. And finally, what does it give me as a retiree
    1. The knowledge that our students' future will continue to in good hands
    2. On a fun note, it is my favorite annual "reunion" with some of the best people I have ever known!

 - Tracy Sharlow,  Retirees Section President

April - $100 for 100 years
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January - The Big Reveal

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February - Spreading the Love

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